HPCC Internship Blog 2022

Amy Ma
3 min readJul 11, 2022


Week 1

Day 1: Familiarizing myself with HPCC Platform

On the first day, I was introduced to my mentors and got to understand more of what the project entailed.

  • Began learning ECL Basics to gain an understanding of the language
  • Looked over previously written documentation to gain an understanding of the writing style and content — Documentation | HPCC Systems

Day 2: Learning ECL

Day 3: Learning about Data Patterns function

Data Patterns is the topic of the documentation

Day 4: Gain understanding of documentation writing

  • Continued to get an understanding of documentation by reading existing ones
  • I began planning the introduction for the documentation. The introduction includes information about Data Pattern’s function and what the entire documentation will include.

Day 5: Learning more ECL

  • Started learning about ECL tools
  • Completed more training for ECL core classes

Week 2

Day 6: Deploying the platform

Day 7: Setting up persistent storage

  • Setup persistent storage on local machine using Containerized book mentioned above

Day 8: Launching ECL Playground

  • Used Visual Studio Code extension to launch configuration with ECL Playground

Looked around ECL Playground, getting an idea of the layout and what functions ECL Watch has, so I can apply them to when I actually used Data Patterns.

Day 9: Setting up platform locally/Setting up XML Mind

  • Learned how to setup HPCC Platform using git commands in terminal
  • Learned about what are pull requests
  • Installed and setup XML Mind to begin documenting, using the following link- http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/download.shtml
  • Learned Basics of XML Langauge, which is used in the Book that the documentation will be written in

Day 10: Beginning to write text

  • Learned how to access existing documentation from HPCC Platform on my local computer
  • Read more documentation from the HPCC website to familiarize myself with writing style and content
  • Wrote the final introductory text to Data Patterns documentation
  • Began to write text for the Installation and Configuration section of the documentation

Almost 1/4 of the documentation was written at this point.

Week 3

Day 11: Setup Book

  • Applied what I learned Friday about git commands to create a Pull request for Doc Book
  • Created a folder and module for Data Patterns inside HPCC Platform documentation folder
  • Experiment with using Data Patterns functions in ECL Watch browser, run files through, understanding the meanings of each section

Day 12: Troubleshooting

  • Understood why bundles were not showing on VSCode -> first install file from HPCC and run it in ECL Watch

Day 13: Wrote body of documentation

  • Began writing first section of documentation: Using Data Patterns in ECL Watch

Day 14: Continued writing

  • Continued to write and edit the first section

Day 15: Completed writing first section

  • Complete writing for first section of documentation

Week 4

Day 16: Familiarize with content

  • Read and understood information in Profile ECL file
  • Begun to write part of next section & body of documentation: Using Data Patterns Via Standard Library

Day 17: Documenting

  • Documenting information about Profile method into DocBook

Day 18: Continue documenting

  • Commit work from previous day
  • Transferred information from BestRecordStructure and Benford from ECL file to Book

Day 19: Adding new information

  • Added information to first section of text written last week: Using the Optimize feature
  • Completed writing section two: Using Data Patterns Via Standard Library
  • Commit all work done in book so far

Day 20: Understood how to use bundle

Week 5:

Day 21: Finalized final section

  • Finished documenting section 3: Using Data PAtterns Bundle
  • Found way to format inline text as code in XML Mind
  1. Select text to convert
  2. “Convert” tab in right menu bar
  3. “code”
  4. Click check button

Day 22: Revising & Adding

  • Revised information added from previous day
  • Transferred introduction previously written to Book

Day 23: Editing documentation

  • Refined and edited all book sections, fixing inconsistencies found
  • commit all work in book so far
  • Jira was created : HPCC-27946: Create Intro chapter for Data Patterns

At the end of week five, I finished writing the first full draft of the documentation.

Week 6

Day 24:

  • Inserted all the images into the book

Day 25

  • Reviewed and modified all documentation