Amy Ma

Week 10: This week I began creating a PowerPoint presentation about my project. I revised and added information to my presentation daily. I then practiced presenting my presentation in front of mentors.

Re-ran some tests, which include:

  • Retested using a static IP address with TLS let’s encrypt for the Nginx controller
  • Tested SSL rewrite with HPCC TLS implementation for HAProxy controller

My goals for next week:

  • To practice and present my final presentation

Week 11: Week 11 Report:

  • Ran ECL codes for measuring user end to end time, added to the presentation
Latency user end-to-end (s)



This week, I began with a meeting with my mentors and discussed objectives. I learned about the components of HPCC and the language ECL, researching the functionalities of the controllers in this project, completing tutorials, and reviewing script codes written by my mentors.

Goals met for week 1:

  • Deployed HPCC on Local environment
  • Completed Cyber defense security training
  • Complete tutorials created by HPCC containerized documentations
  • Installed HPCC virtual machine
  • Set up a Jira account for creating tickets and tracking issues